Best Resources & Methods to Help You Land A Decent Job

Rene Cheng
4 min readSep 15, 2021

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The job market has become increasingly competitive recently and many job seekers need a lot of external help and resources if they want to land a decent job. Especially when most of the hiring begins towards the end or the start of the year, it is about time to start polishing up the job search skills and find the right resources. So, we have compelled some of the best resources and tips to help prepare your job search and ultimately land a decent job sooner.

#1: Polishing your LinkedIn By Checking Out Other’s Profiles

Now, this first method may make you say, “what,” but it is not about copying what you see on others’ LinkedIn, instead get inspired and see what you can get from them. Try to find out what skills and how they interpret them in words on their LinkedIn profiles, then grab those inspirations to create your own unique and personalized profile. Remember that your LinkedIn should be about you and use words to convey what makes you unique as an individual and a potential employee. Think about well-known brands out there, what do they have and made them unique? What was their message? Similar to your LinkedIn, think about it as creating your own personal brand with authenticity and personality. Be creative and professional, of course!

Tip: If you already have a target job function or industry, learn about the professionals who are currently in these industry and create your profile.

#2: Speak with Professionals Within Your Target Industry

Speaking of LinkedIn, utilize this powerful tool to connect and build relationships with people you want to learn from. Not only will this method help you understand the industry better with market trends, you could also learn more about its job function. Be open about your options and speak with more people about their experience and even ask for a referral if you think you have a good connection with them. Studies have shown that referred candidates have a 5% higher chance of getting hired. If you are someone who solely applies for the job without any connection, this might be a chance for you to change your job searching strategy a little bit and speak with the professionals within your target industry.

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#3: Use the Right Tools To Support

On top of all the work you put into a job search, get some help from the tools that aim to help you succeed in this job searching process. There are many tools out there that help you succeed in each step of your job searching process. JobSeer supports you from job search to resume polishing to networking to ensure you land a decent job faster. Instead of solely applying, learn more about your candidacy and your true match to the job position before you click apply with JobSeer.

Tip: You may also find the right people to connect with on JobSeer in two clicks.

#4: Set up Mock Interviews for Yourself

Now, you may have everything ready and you got a response from a recruiter asking to set up an interview. This is great news! Remember that an interview really determines whether the employer wants to hire you or not, so it is definitely critical that you practice. Practice makes better. One way you can do this is to set up mock interviews for yourself. Gather some most commonly asked interview questions and practice with yourself in the mirror or a friend. Try to keep the conversation as well, as employers want to hire a human, not a robot. Also, be prepared that the employer might ask you questions that might test your ability to respond etc. Although you may not know what they are about to ask you, it is always best to have an idea in advance.

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There are many methods and resources available to help job seekers succeed in their job searching journey. It is time to get through all the “No”s and get yourself a “Yes”. There is no universal rule or golden role on how to search for the right jobs. Instead, experiment yourself and find the right method and resources that help you the most throughout this journey. Don’t self eliminate yourself before applying for the job, instead get to know your candidacy and get matched to the right job with JobSeer.



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