5 Job Search Tips for Rising Seniors In College

Rene Cheng
5 min readAug 25, 2021

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Either you feel like you’re tired of school and ready to graduate, or you are already feeling nostalgia thinking about your first day as a freshman four years ago. Whatever you are feeling right now, there is a reason why you are reading this article — to land a job after you complete this final year or looking for ways to strategize your job search as a rising Senior in college. First off, congratulations, you have made it to your last year. Midterms, papers, exams, weekly quizzes, club meetings, you did it! Now, with job search, there is a lot to go through. It is a hassle, a grind, just like a full-time job. So, I have some of the five crucial job search tips that you will need to bring into your final year of college.

Network like it is YOUR job

I know how it feels being in the last year of college — seeing all of my friends getting offers early on, whereas I was just trying to survive the midterms coming up in a couple of weeks. While you are ready to put this one chapter to an end, you are welcoming the next one in the “real world” — career, jobs, and being an adult. Of course, a lot of mixed emotions come into play with excitement and anxiety. Many of you may have experienced what many other recent graduates do — mass applying to jobs. Have you heard back yet? If not, how about try your focus on networking?

According to studies, Lee Grant, the CEO of Wrangu, says that having an employee referral with your application increases your chances of landing a job by ten times. With all the time you put into applying for jobs, take some time to find referrals and references instead. Start by reaching out to people and make a real connection. Make your last year in college goal to be an active networker.

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You may wonder, how do you reach out to them and understand their experiences? There is no set rule on how to network, but there is a strategy to make sure you get a response. JobSeer’s recruiters’ and employees’ contact finder allows you to find the right people who work for companies that interest you. So, let’s kick off your final years with some valuable connections and talk to the right people to understand their career journey in specific fields, industries, or companies.

Utilize Your College Career Resources & People

When you attended orientation as a freshman, you probably stopped by the career center and were introduced by advisors. Now, it is your time to revisit the career center to use their resources for your job search. Most schools have career centers to help prep their students for success after graduation.

Ansh Gupta, the Founder of Empire Crafter, says that these college career centers assist their students with networking events, job fairs, resume-writing workshops, and even mock interviews. These centers are direct lines to professional assets and opportunities for their students. Not sure what is the next upcoming event or workshop? Check out your school’s career center for more information.

Tip: Subscribe to your school’s mailing lists, follow them on social media, and even volunteer with them. This will introduce you to other active graduates and increase your chances to network with them naturally — Robert Johansson, CEO & Tech Expert at imgkits.

Understand that NOBODY Anticipates You HAVE Experiences

As someone in college and about to be a fresh graduate, like the word “fresh,” no one expects you to have many experiences. From personal experience, I always worried that I have nothing to offer because I don’t have much experience compared to my graduate class. Although it is true, it doesn’t mean that the experiences I had through joining clubs were irrelevant.

Tip: “Just because you have never worked before doesn’t imply you don’t have something to contribute” — David Fernandez, CEO & Founder of Capital Solutions

David Fernandez, CEO & Founder of Capital Solutions, suggests all incoming seniors include any experience they think would be relevant to the type of work they’re looking for. Whether it’s academic, extracurricular, internship, or on-campus work-study programs. Experiences that show leadership, teamwork, organizational skills, and other soft skills and talent will help stand out in the employment market.

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Prepare For An Elevator Pitch & Line Up with Interviews

Even though you may not have as many experiences as a rising senior, preparing an impactful elevator pitch can become an advantage for thinking about the core skills you have learned, Mike Moran, Recruiter at Green Lion Search, suggested.

Here is what you can use to prep for your pitch:

What do I excel in?

What value would I offer an employer?

What is the list of my soft skills and hard skills? → This will help you piece together an impactful elevator pitch.

Now that you have an elevator pitch ready, it is your time to understand the demands of the job market before you set your foot in it. Try to connect with alumni in your target industry and request an informational interview to ask anything you want or need to know about the industry.

Tip: Most people are willing to give you insider tips on applying for jobs at the entry-level.

Be Aware of Pyramid Schemes

Lexi Cederholm, the Digital Marketing Assistant at Supplement Warehouse, spoke from her personal experience, “In the beginning, I hadn’t figured out what was going on and accepted a position with a company that was a pyramid scheme without knowing it.” Thankfully, after intensive research, Lexi immediately declined. Therefore, she suggests that all rising seniors prepare for the number of pyramid schemes and research before interviewing or applying. Some of these companies are good at making their company seem real and legit; therefore, always investigate the company thoroughly before accepting the offer.

To avoid falling into the trap of applying for a pyramid scheme company, use JobSeer’s company insights and Q&A to find out all the information you need about the company.

As a rising Senior, take advantage of what you have in school prepare for your job search. Everyone goes through the job searching process and land in different positions in various companies, and it could be daunting to see other fellow graduates get more offers. However, set your timeline and prepare what you can for the upcoming job searching season. Enjoy the last year of college with fun and get ready for some real-world experiences. Let’s go, Class of 2022!

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